A calmer You with Sophrology

I am a certified Sophrology pratictioner, professional Coach, and a stress and sleep expert for children, teens and adults. Born and raised in English and French speaking multicultural Mauritius, I have been living in France for a long time.

What is essential for you, your child, your teen right now ?

• Find serenity, calm
• Learn how to manage your emotions and manage stress
• Put balance in your personal and professional lives
• Adapt to change related to a new situation (work, health, family, …)
• Sleep better
• Help your child to concentrate, to  learn to calm down and to know how to relax
• Prepare for specific events: exams, interviews, competitions,  operations, public speaking, childbirth, expatriation …
• Improve self confidence

What is sophrology?

Sophrology is a technique well known in the French and Spanish speaking countries and a little less in other countries. It is a modern form of mindfulness. Sophrology promotes balance between mind, body and emotions. It helps to tap into one’s own capabilities, to improve one’s well-being, to better live the present moment and to approach life challenges calmly and positively.

Techniques of breathing, relaxation in movement, visualization, meditation and adapted gentle exercises are used, while standing or sitting. They are simple, practical tools that are easy to remember and integrate smoothly into everyday life, at home, at work, at school, on a commute, during a test. Sophrology is for everyone and for all ages.

Do you want to know more about it or make an appointment ? Please call or message me.

Priya Mungur contact:

06 03 96 36 61
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9, allée Beauregard 86180 Buxerolles
Certified Sophrology practitioner
Certified professional Coach


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